12 Links Loved

I Am Legend – Hollywood by Florian Ludwig – Source: behance.net via Craig on Pinterest

  • New Earth-like planets have been found! - And just in time for me to take Astronomy 101! One is a Super Earth, with a similar atmosphere as our humble abode, and the other is a bit too hot. Very cool! How soon can we get in touch with their inhabitants? How soon can I plan my next vacation to the Super Earth?
  • 8 College Degrees That Will Earn Your Money Back#1. English, #2. Marketing, & #7 Information Technology. I love reading lists like this to see how I need to modify my current career path. I’m happy to see the degrees that interest me on at the top of the list! My plan is to combine all 3 into the most awesomest job ever!
  • I’m on the right path – This list of 12 Entry-Level Jobs w/ Big Earning Potential makes me feel great about my career choices! Included is Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Copyrighter & Marketing Assistant. Graduation can’t come soon enough! Only 2 more years!
  • I love finding new inspiration! – “I have started Designcollector in April 2003 as a first Russian blog dedicated to web design sites. Little did I know that it would eventually grow into a permanent place to get inspiration and catch up the recent trends in graphic design, motion-graphics, flash, web design, photography, music and fashion.” Arseny Vesnin, editor-in-chief of Designcollector magazine.
  • Happy Coding! - Since I am about to embark on the journey of earning my bachelor’s degree in Web Development, I really need to start brushing up on my knowledge and skills of that side of the industry. I recently joined GitHub, and here is some information for getting started.

What are some links you have loved this week?

Any must read articles you’d like to share?



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