30 Links Loved!

I can’t get enough PINK! - Source: behance.net via Ashley on Pinterest

  • Digital Inspiration is a cool blog about technology. Lots of cool information for the geeky blogger in all of us!
  • October Ink is the cutest design studio! I love their design aesthetic. It’s ran by two best friends, Jayne & Morgan, and they are a huge inspiration for me! I wish I had a best friend who wanted to start a design studio!
  • Jaime of Eventual Millionaire is beyond amazing! She interviews millionaires around the world and it’s a site dedicated to people who know they will be millionaires one day! Um… put me on that list!
  • Star of This is Star shares her resume with the world. I love her work and I look up to her as a web designer and developer. I love that I can see her resume and her skill set, it gives me something to work towards knowing how my skills measure up.
  • Speaking of giveaways, Free! Gretchen is a site where bloggers can submit their giveaways and get some traffic from them! Here they share a “Blogger’s Guide to Giveaways”. Valuable information for a n00b like me!
  • In need of some colour inspiration? Always! Plenty of Colour is a “daily design blog devoted to showcasing and celebrating color.” I love this blog! It’s a great resource for designers and bloggers when we need a boost of inspiration!

I want pink hair! – Source: imagebam.com via Ashley on Pinterest

  • Blogaholic Designs is a super cute blog design company! If you want an inexpensive blog design, they are right up your alley! I admire them for being able to run their own design company. Something I plan to do one day! They definitely inspire me! I’m pretty sure the Blogaholic Social Network was created by the same women, Emily. She is super rad for being able to run two successful blogging websites!
  • I got sucked into the Business Insider for a few hours the other night… so beware! Here is their career section, always one of my favorite topics! They post great articles on how to navigate your career, no matter what it is!
  • I am an ENFP, and here is my profile. Crazy how true this is! Find out what you are here or here.
  • Fashionably Light is a cute blog about living a fabulously simple life, by miss xandra bee, the winner of my $20 giveaway! She has a great outlook on life and fashion!

Seriously, I’m getting a pink wig. – Source: theplumlipsticks.tumblr.com via Ashley on Pinterest

  • Another article on making money blogging… interesting stuff! I’m glad I’m not in this just for the money! Because we all know there isn’t any! (at least not yet!)
  • Amy of Blogging with Amy also writes about how much real bloggers make. Always good to know! She shows it takes a LOT of HARD WORK.
  • I found Living Laughing & Loving, a blog written by Renee, to be super cute and informative! She is a 4th grade teacher and a full time blogger with lots of great advice!
  • Through Renee, I found Creative Kristi Designs, a cute little blog design studio. One to watch! I could learn a lot from her!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed!

Any websites that you LOVED this week? Please share!



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